AdvancedCount™ for SAP

True enterprise cycle counting



Intelligent AI Dock Scheduling

Optimize load schedules with AI-powered algorithms, reducing wait times and ensuring efficient dock utilization for maximum operational flow.

Contactless Workflows

Implement seamless, real-time check-ins and updates, speeding up driver processing and reducing delays with minimal physical interaction.

No SaaS Silos

Leverage integrated solutions with OrchestratorAI, ensuring seamless data flow and collaboration across all logistics operations without siloed SaaS limitations.

Complete real-time dock visibility

Using our exclusive tablet-based front end:

  • Drag and drop to initiate moves
  • Instant access to each loads information.
  • AdvanceConnect data transfer of receiving documents between driver and kiosk
  • Provide driver all the pertinent dock information
    • Restrooms
    • Parking
    • Estimated wait times

Driver self-service


AI-based technology uses operational data to post real-time alerts so you can respond quickly to supply chain events.

Forget rules-based engines. AdvancedIQ uses a machine-learning model to identify issues. The result: timely alerts to developing issues.

AdvancedIQ Alerts view

SAP Integrated

  • Fully integrated configuration in SAP
  • Centralized management of functionality
  • Supports standard SAP authorizations for use
  • Changes using standard change control (CTS)
  • The only standard solution for dock management for SAP
  • SaaS-less No external server or cloud necessary
  • One Source of the Truth