FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                            November 13, 2018
Chicago, IL. (Nov 13,2018) –
 Advanced Solutions a leading provider of SAP Supply Chain Solutions. announced that they are working with several automotive customers to trial the efficiency and effectiveness of a blockchain based eBOL solution.

“We are looking for opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings in the supply chain and one area we have focused some attention on is the use of paper Bill Of Ladings, a technology that has not changed since the middle ages. Working with several key customers we have extended our BOL² solution to post Bill of Lading transactions to a blockchain. Our goal with this trial is to gain valuable intelligence on the real world obstacles to the digitization of crucial components of the supply chain paper trail.” said Phillip Avelar Principal at Advanced Solutions.

BlockChain is a distributed ledger technology introduced to support BitCoin crypto currency, due to it’s capabilities it is becoming a technology enabler being trialed to solve real world problems in Finance, Supply Chain and Healthcare.

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About Advanced Solutions: Advanced Solutions is a supply chain technology solution provider focused on digitization and visibility of logistics supply chains. To learn more, go to our website.

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