Easily access bill of ladings when you need them

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                            November 13, 2018

Chicago, IL. (Nov.13,2018) – It’s quick and easy to process bill of ladings from SAP with Advanced Solutions’ new BOL² application. Using exclusive tablet-based software, BOLeliminates copying, filing and paper management that is a standard part of printed bill of ladings.

Here’s how it works: A shipment is received and BOL2 generates a digital bill of lading and prepares it for validation.  It then electronically captures the driver’s signature and archives a copy for easy retrieval. SAP is immediately updated on the dock with pickup, signature and shipping data.

“It’s more efficient to digitally store your bill of ladings in SAP and it eliminates the paper handling that’s been routine in the industry,” says Phillip Avelar, managing director of Advanced Solutions.  “This was an area that was ripe for innovation.”

Ready for the Future

BOL2 works with all versions of SAP ECC and HANA. SAP Cloud is not required.

A compatible version for SAP’s new UX Fiori also is available.  Get more information about BOLhere: BOL2 – Bill of Ladings in SAP.

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