AdvanceCount (ACC)

Improve inventory accountability and process improvement


Achieve Class A Inventory accuracy and eliminate the need for Annual Physical Inventory


Traditionally, businesses have used the annual inventory process, or a formal cycle counting program, as an auditable way to reconcile a warehouse's physical and book inventory values. SAP provides standard tools to support several types of inventory methods, but these tools are rudimentary. In cases where a more stringent auditable process is required, many companies design custom applications or develop external methods to ensure their processes satisfy company requirements. 

Working closely with our customers, we have developed a standardized process and toolset that extends SAP functionality and provides some of the missing reporting and monitoring capabilities. This toolset is designed to meet the needs of inventory managers and auditors looking for standardized metrics and reporting of inventory counting and accuracy.

Our capabilities are broken down by inventory process phases: Plan, Execute and Analyze.

Applications include:



  • Analyze and segregate inventory for optimal inventory counting and analysis.
  • Perform inventory stratification based on velocity in addition to standard ABC classification.
  • Use planning calculator to determine optimal count distribution.
  • Cycle count workload load balancing


  • Monitor active counts using inventory dashboard.
  • Execute planned and dynamic counts for the day, week or periods you specify.
  • Perform counts using mobile devices or paper.
  • Perform dollar based analysis of discrepancies and initiate recounts if necessary.
  • Drive maximum counter productivity
    • Automatic counter assignment
    • Interleaved counting


Reduce shrinkage due to increase in awareness and visibility.




Report on results and manage inventory better.

Inventory accuracy reporting capabilities: 

View inventory record accuracy by

Display typical inventory metrics

  • Total bins counts
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Net unit variance
  • Net dollar variance
  • Absolute unit variance
  • Absolute dollar variance



 "After the initial hit on inventory accuracy we are improving rapidly, we love the documentation, I have it handy on my desk and refer to it regularly. Thanks again for all of your support  ...."

Completely configurable solution with support for inventory policy by warehouse.

Our complete solution includes comprehensive training, documentation, and support to ensure the success of your Cycle Count Program.

Complete Documentation

And of course our solutions support 4.6C to ECC 6.0

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Advanced tools

Embrace and extend - Our methodology is simple. We use SAP as a foundation, then build advanced tools that extend the functionality but never affect the standard data or standard functions.

What this means to you -- Our solutions are built on top of standard SAP functions. Because we do not replace SAP functionality at any time, your investment is safe. You can use our tools when necessary, but continue to use standard SAP tools in situations where the additional capabilities are not needed.


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