Mobile Applications for SAP WM / PP / LE

Ready to execute library of mobile applications for SAP Logistics environments

Developed in conjunction with our customers - tested in the real environment- implemented in days not months. Our application support SAPconsole and ITS environments.

Contact us now start using in a couple of days.

  Bin Display  
  Bin to Bin  
  Inventory lookup   
  Dynamic Cycle count  
  Advanced Receiving (ASN)  
  Material request  
  Material issue  
  Material reversal  
  Work Center workload  
  Shift Notes  
SAP LE    
  Shipment Loading  
  MM Delivery Pick  

With over 15 years of implementing SAP, we have developed and offered the largest library of ready to run mobile applications for SAP WM, LE, PP environments.

Advanced tools

Embrace and Extend - Our methodology is simple, use SAP as a foundation, then build advanced tools that (extend) the functionality but never affect the standard data or standard functions.

What this means to you.

Our solutions are built on top of standard SAP functions. Because we do not replace SAP functionality at any time your investment is safe, you can use our tools when necessary, but continue to use standard SAP tools in situations where the additional capabilities are not needed.

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