SAP EDI Integration and Support

Simplifying Customer and supplier networks

Historically, connectivity to vendor or customer partner was limited to EDI transactions initiated by the Fortune 500, who had resources and leverage to establish standards and large EDI infrastructures. To be competitive in today's marketplace, all businesses need the ability to respond to requests for EDI connectivity with a well thought out strategy. Whether you're a fortune 500 or privately held mid-size company, if your business is still not working with EDI or using it in a limited fashion, you need a trusted partner that will work with you step by step and provide you the optimal solution that takes into consideration future growth and an expanding need for EDI transaction sets. 

Supply Chain

Advanced Solutions provides a unique EDI road-map, allowing you to plan your EDI infrastructure, so it will roll-out gradually.


EDI Managed Support
EDI Managed Support

After your environment is established, we provide post-integration support. Which includes the ability for us to manage your EDI environment, eliminating the need for added staff and providing you efficiencies from our shared support model. 


Our U.S. Based Support Capabilities include:

  • OnBoarding New EDI Partners following standard corporate practices.
          • Determining Transaction sets
          • Performing transaction testing with your vendor/customers.
          • Cut over and support
          • Establish new Transaction sets as needed and provide ongoing maintenance.

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