PI Object Guidelines and Standards

SAP PI has evolved over time and the platform name has changed over the years since starting out as XI. Our guidelines for object naming incorporates changes up to the current version of SAP PI and is being updated for the newly christened SAP PO (Process Orchestration).

Leading standards for object naming that apply to all objects in PI

  • Camel Case naming: Words of a name are joined without spaces, and are capitalized within the compound.
  • Words that are 4 characters or less should not be abbreviated.

Identification and Standardization

Business Objects

RFC Program IDs

Program ID's are unique identifiers used by SAP RFC connections to locate RFC applications.


System Landscape Directory (SLD)

Business System

PI Product



Integration Builder Standards

Communication Party

Communication Channel

Receiver Determination

Receiver Rule

Interface Determination

Sender Agreement

Receiver Agreement

Integrated Configuration


Enterprise Service Builder Standards

External Definition

Service Interface


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