ABAP development guidelines and standards

A brief description of the use of this guidelines
These are intended to be guidelines and instructions on the use of ABAP for programming in a business scenario. Guidelines as opposed to standards are intended to guide the user not dictate the only way to utilize the programming language. There will always be cases where a development professional will need to deviate from these guidelines and that is left to the professional.

General Naming convention

The following naming conversion applies throughout the guidelines and should be a general rule for naming any object unless specifically specified.

  • Names should be pronounceable, if you can not read the name to someone it's not a good one. GLacct would not be pronounceable whereas glAccount would be better. Acronyms should be avoided unless its meaning is widely understood. (A good way to consider naming is that we are writing for the someone other then ourselves to review).
  • Use capitalization or underscore for new words in the example above we use gl'''A'''ccount , the capitals make it clear to the reader that these are separate words and makes it more readable then glaccount then other alternative would be gl_account. Note: the ABAP class builder forces all attributes to Upper case so it  make sense to use "_" instead of capitalization to separate words at least when using the ABAP language.
  • Avoid digits where possible, we don't want someone misinterpreting  0 for O.




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