External Definition

(Called Development Classes in pre 4.6 versions)

Packages are the successors to Development classes in older versions. They are closer to alignment with UML packages. Packages are containers used to collect all development types and classify them as to their purpose. Packages should describe the functions within a project.

Suggested Naming Standard

Class Name <Prefix><Class Prefix><Separator><Class Name>





Z,Y or namespace

Normal customer developed objects should be prefixed with Z. Y should only be used when a object is local and will not be transported. When a namespace is involved that would be used as a prefix. i.e. "/Prefix/FIDEV"

Class Prefix FI,PP.MM etc.

Functional Application Area, Note it is typical to use SAP's Application Areas but others work as well.

Seperator  "_" use an underscore
Class Name

Class name , use proper nouns such as COMPANY_CODE GENERAL LEDGER_ACCOUNT etc.












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