A product is a unit that is delivered and visible to the customer, it is installable and renewable. In an SAP environment, a product corresponds to an SAP technical component. A product can have several versions. Each product consists of software components and/or versions.

General Rules

  • Product refers to the business application (i.e SAP ECC, SAPAPO, SalesForce etc. ) not the technical environment.
  • Do not use the SAP standard productions (i.e. SAP BASIS..) for custom development, instead create a new production with your own company name.

Naming Standard

​Product Name

​<Company>_<Group>_<Business Application>


​<generic Version Number starting with 1.0>


<company domain name>



​Specify a string naming your company (i.e. AdvSolutions, GE, Ford etc.)


​I = Interfaces and extensions

A =Application objects other then interface objects used for sending and receiving appliction (mapping objects etc.) 

C= Canonical definitions for generic business objects intended for reuse

B= Basis ideal for templates, generic structures, shared Java Programs etc.

​<Business Application>

​Specify your actual business application or technical component, e.g., Sales, Financial, CRM, etc.

​<Generic Version Number>

​1.0 -> 1.1 -> 2.0 etc.

​<Company Domain Name>

​This could be



Using a technical component

AdvSolutions_I_CRM, version 1.0 of

Ford_I_SAPECC, Version 1.0 of

Marmot_I_SAPECC, version 1.0 of

Ulta_I_SAPECC, version 1.0 of


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