ABAP Programs

  • Processing blocks are important to identify so as programs are modified the processing block can be taken into context.


The leading practice is to specifically identify these blocks within code for easier maintenance, this is only for easier readability but provides for easier troubleshooting and future maintenance.

LOAD-OF-PROGRAM. "Called Once when program is loaded

Comments should support the ABAP coding.

Typically comments can be extracted from Functional spec documentation and also provides the analyst reviewing the code a chance to see the functions supporting the spec.

Care should be taken to ensure that comments are not excessive thus a comment should not be longer then the code it explains.

= Transaction Codes =
Transaction codes in SAP are used to access a transaction quickly, typically transaction codes are shorter then the program they are calling, though this is not a rule. Transaction codes provide a method by which to verify user authorization for a specific application so this is another purpose.

for OO purposes the transaction code initiates the call to the MAIN class and method.

Transaction codes should follow a similar guideline as programs.



I am writing a report to review material ATP though the program maybe named ZSD_MaterialATP I use the guidelines above to us a transaction code of ZSDMATATP which is easier to type in the command box.

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