It's been a while since we published our white paper on the state of SAP landscapes, but our NetWeaver support team regularly discusses landscapes and possible strategies for setting up clients. While we move forward on this research, I will share with you my thoughts on the reference landscape, which still hold true today. In future articles, I'll expand on this with other new dimension productions.





  1. In our reference landscape, the transport path copies all released transports from client 100 automatically to QAS 100 and 300. Note that because 310 is a training client, we will create this environment as a client copy of 300 when training.
  2. Period client copies of Production to QAS 100 and 300.
  3. As described above, 300 will be copied over to create additional training clients as needed. 300 can be used directly for some customers. This is OK, but having a disconnected 31X client ensures that a copy in time is taken and no production changes or projects affect the training environment. When training is done, 31X goes away.

Note - not shown here (as I did not have a graphic handy) is that we regularly advocate for a separate sandbox instance. This can be established prior to major projects and then disposed of. It provides our team and certainly your internal support personnel a place to learn new functionality, experiment and not be afraid of affecting others' work or your company's system.

We are always happy to receive feedback.

Look for my next blog post expanding on the landscape.


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